Implemented solutions for IT support

Strategic Sourcing, Inc. (SSI) understands that IT professionals need to work as efficiently as possible to meet the demands of their jobs. Integrations are important to maintain productivity, efficiency, and streamline IT support; that’s why our team developed custom system integrations. We can streamline your current procurement and service systems by integrating SSI’s catalogs into your current process. Our ServiceNow integration allows customers to leverage all of the benefits of ServiceNow and all of the catalog feeds of SSI, providing your end-users with a highly efficient procurement process.

Our solution provides everything you need to manage IT assets in a single platform, allowing you to do it all: pricing, orders, purchasing, order tracking, deployment, and managing. Catalogs can be customized to show just the products that your organization needs, along with real-time visibility over your assets through the custom report engine. Our solution gives you the ability to find product details, purchase dates, quantities, and costs, as well as images of previous purchase orders.

Supporting All Business Needs

SSI takes procurement a step further allowing a wide range of products from various manufacturers to be easily viewed and accessed. With our system, customers can view technical specifications and compare products against each other to promote smart decisions. If you have certain products that you purchase often, we make repurchasing them effortless with a streamlined storefront experience.

We offer our customers with the ability to access to a full suite of asset management tools. Our asset management is the most cost-effective suite in the industry and can be used to manage your assets throughout the product lifecycle. The suite has many capabilities, including automatic loading of asset information at the time of shipment, scanner-based inventory and deployment modules, automatic inventory updates, multiple deployment options, and much more.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Everything IT

Strategic Sourcing, Inc., has provided technology, computers, and product services since 2001 to a variety of industries, including healthcare. It’s our goal to help businesses acquire, deploy, and manage IT assets while remaining cost-effective and efficient. Our solution shows you which IT products are available and helps you locate the beset price and the closest warehouse to your location. Our decades of experience sourcing computer products has provided us with the know-how to provide a hands-on consultative approach and helped us develop the most comprehensive healthcare IT acquisition management tool in the industry.

Our IT asset lifecycle solution features customizable catalogs, custom report engine, and searchable purchase history. By reducing the labor hours associated with technology solution purchasing, tracking, and managing, your organization—big or small—will quickly see ROI. We are continuously working to provide our customers with the industry’s most innovative and feature-rich tool, along with access to the beset infrastructure, integrations, and reporting possible